Hey there! We’re Tanya and David. That crazy fun married couple, that share the same birthday, ( I KNOW RIGHT!) We are just two humanoids that loves to travel around the U.S and globally and embrace other cultures other than our own. Let’s just say we hope to make ‘Turn It Up World’ a travel movement. Our motto is “Creating A Fun Road Map to Life’s Travel and Adventure”. Combining our love for travel, food and adventure, apart of our story. It was our recent move to Austin, TX ( known by many as the live music capital of the world), and known for awesome festivals, that has given us the push to make exploring locally ( all things United States), to traveling the globe a centered part of our lives. Oh, and Tanya is a lover of all things tech. So don’t be surprised every now and then if she shares some of her knowledge, tips and advice about some of her gear and gadgets.

Let us ask you this question? What would it feel like to be able to step outside of your travel comfort zone and into another country or city, embracing that cultures energy, trying incredible new foods. What about exploring more of what’s in you own backyard. Meaning different cities within the United States and trying things that you never knew existed there.

We are hoping that by sharing our journey, experiences, tips, and advice, it encourages you to travel in a way that inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace all that your travels has to offer. As we travel and explore the United States, and beyond, we’ll be sharing it all with you through our blogs, vlogs, and photos.

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Safe travels! We’ll see you at the next stop!